Time to Be Relaxed


It is very important to check your tire pressure before driving on the highway. This is because if the air pressure is low, the braking distance is long, the car totters, and the tire damage can lead to a serious accident.

However, there is a case where it is necessary to lower the tire pressure for smooth driving. Right, that’s in the desert. While you’re driving in the desert, if the wheel falls into a pit of soft sand, it is hard to get out. If you step on the accelerator pedal, the wheel goes deeper into the sand. In that case, you can get out a little easily by lowering the tire pressure. It is because the surface where the tire touches gets wider, increasing propulsive force.

Life also has a path like the desert pit. The more you try to do as you please, the more embarrassing the situation goes. In that case, how about relaxing your body a little bit? Relax your shoulders, eyes, and fists, and ponder over it, asking yourself, “Is this way really right?” Wouldn’t your thinking become more flexible when the stiff body becomes relaxed?