January 6, 2020

Unusual Vacation Homework


“Walk on the ground barefoot, watch the sunset, hug a tree in the forest, talk to it, crouch down to a wild flower, whisper to it, clean your bathroom, scrub your toilet, cook food, set the table for your family, visit your parents’ workplace, go camping, and write a letter to your friends or teacher.”

This is a list of summer vacation homework assignment at a boys’ middle school in Gangwon Province, Korea. As for vacation homework, we are familiar with keeping a diary, writing a book report, creating art works, etc. So the above homework is very inventive and interesting. The teacher said he wanted to instill emotion into the boy students who are usually lacking in emotions. Hearing his reasons, we can feel how much he loves his students. In addition, this kind of homework assignment prevents students from cheating by paying someone else to do their homework for them, because it is impossible for other students to complete these assignments in their stead.

Some students do not enjoy their vacations because they are too busy studying. But if they have time to enjoy nature and be with their family, their vacation will become more meaningful and rewarding. Why don’t you try to do this kind of emotional homework with your family?