April 6, 2021

Warm Wintering

On Nam-yeol from Wonju, Korea


When I heard that my Zion members would repair the roof and the wall of an old house of an elderly couple, I decided to participate in the demolition work for one day.

On the morning of the volunteer, I drove to the house for about an hour, admiring the landscape of fields covered with white frost. The brothers and sisters who arrived there earlier welcomed me with a bright smile. I was a little worried that I might not be helpful because of my weak body.

Before getting into the full-scale work, we carried all the stuff out of the house. Working hard, we sweated even in the cold weather.

After having a delicious lunch, I went up to the roof with the members to tear out the old wooden frames. When we tore out the old wood that covered the roof, dust rose like a cloud and the wooden framework was revealed. I stretched my back and looked up at the blue sky to avoid dust. I felt relaxed. As I turned my head, I was absorbed in the atmosphere of the countryside. Suddenly, I missed my home and my heavenly home as well. I turned my eyes and looked around the Zion members down there. They were blowing on their hands and drinking tea together to get out of the cold for a moment. Some looked up at the roof and cheered, and some said, “Be careful not to get hurt.” Everyone looked happy. Heavenly Father must have been pleased, seeing how His children were piling up blessings and friendly to each other. I was happy, too. Encouraged, I worked faster.

The demolition work was completed that day, and after a few days I heard that the repair work was completed. When I wondered how their house had been changed, a member showed me pictures of the beautifully decorated house. Seeing the landscape in the pictures, I felt cozy.

The good memories of that day a few years ago when we volunteered together, considering and encouraging one another, warm my heart whenever winter comes.