November 6, 2019

I’m Happy Because I Have…


My friend’s new cell phone, a pair of shoes on display in the department store, a house in a magazine, a car in a commercial . . .

People want fame, prominent positions, or other things that they don’t have, and only imagine themselves having them. However, when they come back to reality and look at themselves without the things they want, they feel down. If you keep thinking about what you don’t have, happiness will go further and further away from you.

If you want to be content and happy with your life, think, ‘What if I don’t have what I have now,’ instead of thinking, ‘I wish to have that.’ Your family, health, co-workers, precious things . . . we were born empty-handed on this earth, but we have a lot of things now. We also have many things that are irreplaceable. If we imagine ourselves without them, we will realize how precious all the things we have are. If we understand it, we can be thankful, and if we are thankful, then we can always be happy.