A Young Lady Disguised as an Elderly Woman


A woman in her prime age of 26 went out to the street, disguising herself as an 80-year-old lady. She wore a white wig, put on make-up to look wrinkled, stuffed cottons in her ears not to hear well, and wore dirty glasses to make her view dim. She even wore iron leg brace to make herself slow to move.

Patricia Moore, an industrial designer, traveled around 116 cities in Canada and the United States in the form of an elderly woman for three years. The reason she was disguised as an old lady was to experience the physical difficulties the elderly go through, and to know what they really need. She is known as a key figure of Universal Design1 which is also called Design for All.

1. Designing products or buildings for convenient use regardless of users’ gender, nationality, age, and physical ability. Typical examples are low-floor buses, left and right-handed scissors, wheeled bags, etc.

The idea, “Considering those who need help can also benefit those who don’t need help,” makes the world a better place.