ASEZ Seminar on Biodiversity 2023

With an Ecologist at Seoul National University


July 24, 2023 1177 Views

ASEZ (World Mission Society Church of God University Student Volunteer Group) is making efforts on and off campus in order to protect the earth from climate crisis, even during school vacations. On July 24, ASEZ held the “ASEZ Seminar on Biodiversity 2023” in a classroom inside the Seoul National University College of Education. This seminar was organized by ASEZ members of Seoul National University to inform university students about the importance of biodiversity and to share the knowledge necessary to preserve it. Choi Jae-cheon, Chair Professor of the EcoScience Division at Graduate School Ewha Womans University gave a lecture to around 180 people, including ASEZ members, Seoul National University students, international students, and workers who are interested in environmental issues.

ASEZ members introduced ASEZ’s activities through presentations and videos, and Professor Choi Jae-cheon gave a lecture on “Ecological Turn.” He emphasized that in the midst of escalating climate change and the ongoing biodiversity crisis, what we truly need is an “ecological turn”—a change in perception, which redefines the relationship between humans and nature. Professor Choi emphasized the importance of pan-humanistic actions above all else. He said that college students, who would become leaders in various fields in the future, should make efforts to lead change across all generations. After the lecture, the participants satisfied their curiosity and broadened their knowledge about biodiversity by having a Q&A session with Professor Choi.

Kang Won-muk from KAIST said, “We are the generation living in the present and shaping the future. I feel responsible for addressing the climate crisis and preserving biodiversity. Since I’m interested in new materials, I want to study hard and develop eco-friendly materials.” Chae Hui-seo (from Seoul National University) said, “While listening to the lecture, I could feel the risk of climate change. Keeping in mind that preventing climate change is the responsibility of not only governments and environmental groups but also of me, I will start with small things first.”

ASEZ members build up knowledge and take action not only for themselves but also for mankind and the earth. People around the world are paying attention to their efforts to create a better tomorrow.