Winter Student Camp & Elementary Winter Vacation Camp 2024

Purposeful Vacation: Deepening Faith and Expanding Perspectives

February 29, 2024 1329 Views

For students, vacation is like a gift that allows them to accumulate new experiences beyond the confines of the classroom. At the same time, it can also be a time when routines become irregular and distractions abound. The Church of God holds camps twice a year, in the first and second halves, to help students build a foundation in faith, cultivate upright character, and expanding perspectives during the vacation period.

The Winter Student Camp and Elementary Winter Vacation Camp in 2024 were flexibly operated according to the circumstances of each church from early January to the end of February. Camps were also held overseas in countries such as the United States, New Zealand, Peru, and India to provide students with enriching vacation experiences.

Enjoying the Vacation Together: Winter Student Camp 2024

The primary focus of the student camp is Bible studies. The Bible serves as a textbook that presents virtues such as patience, love, compassion, and consideration, which are essential for living a righteous life. In addition to Bible studies conducted by pastoral staff, student-led Bible seminars and Bible preaching contests have also instilled confidence and faith in the hearts of the students.

The invited expert lectures received a great response from both students and parents. Students listened to lectures from various professionals such as university professors and local government officials on topics such as “The Relationship Between Speech and Character” and “Volunteerism and Civic Education.” Through these lectures, students acquired attitudes necessary to become responsible members of society.

Throughout the camp, students also engaged in volunteer activities with ASEZ STAR (the Church of God Student Volunteer Group). They cleaned various locations in Gangbuk-gu, Seoul; Haeundae-gu, Busan; Namdong-gu, Incheon, Mandaluyong in the Philippines; and Pune in India. In Lima, Peru, over 60 students cleaned up Santa Rosa Forest Park and planted 200 trees.

Students from Jincheon Church in Korea donated Braille sticker-adorned storybooks to the Jincheon Public Library for children with disabilities. In Goiânia, Brazil, students from various parts of the world came together to show love for their neighbors by cleaning the homes of elderly individuals living alone.

Song Yun-ji and Jang Yun-seo from Jincheon expressed, “We diligently made Braille storybooks by sticking stickers during the semester, and finally, our efforts bore fruit. We hope these books will give dreams and hope to visually impaired children.” Kim Min-chan from Pyeongtaek said, “Engaging in various activities such as English Bible presentations, recreation, and street cleanup made the two weeks pass by quickly. It was a time of deeper insights and greater fulfillment than usual.”

Growing Body and Mind: Elementary Winter Vacation Camp

The Bible studies at the elementary camp was tailored to the level of elementary students, featuring activities such as Bible character role-playing and Bible Jeopardy. With a blend of fun and educational elements, students enjoyed a more meaningful time. Before and after the camp activities, a unique program called “Check-in” and “Check-out” was implemented, where students shared their thoughts and feelings. Through this, students learned to express their emotions accurately and developed the ability to understand and empathize with their friends’ feelings.

Through experiential activities such as block assembly, painting, and cooking, the camp fostered creativity and concentration. Field trips to places such as Boramae Safety Experience Center, Jung-gu Historical Exhibition Hall, and Bucheon Astronomy Science Museum broadened the students’ experiences and knowledge. Parents also participated in each program, enjoying quality time and communication with their children.

Parent Kim Yeong-mi from Bucheon said, “During the vacation, there’s often more nagging at home, but while my child participated in the camp, we had meaningful conversations at home too. I’m thankful to God for my child’s growth through the camp.”