4th ASEZ WAO Street Campaign

Let’s work together to create a healthy earth!


October 22, 2023 601 Views

In an interview with a British newspaper, Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP], asserted, “We need to transform our society at its roots to prevent the acceleration of climate disasters.” She emphasized that it is not only the responsibility of governments and businesses but also of every member of society to take action to address environmental issues.

Efforts by the World Mission Society Church of God University Student Volunteer Group [ASEZ WAO] continue to inspire citizen’s interest and engagement in environmental protection. On October 22, ASEZ WAO conducted the 4th ASEZ WAO Street Campaign at Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul, Edul Plaza in Incheon, and Geumnamro in Gwangju. Earlier in May and September, ASEZ WAO also organized street campaigns in Seoul, Daegu, Busan, and other locations to commemorate the World Biodiversity Day, the World Oceans Day, and the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies.

On this day, ASEZ WAO activists effectively delivered the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] by presenting it in a clear and accessible manner through panel exhibitions. They also operated experiential zones such as “Measuring My Distance to the Environment.” They informed citizens of practical actions necessary for creating a healthy Earth and a sustainable future. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, citizens of all ages and nationalities stopped to participate in the campaign. Darcell Castillo from the United States, who listened attentively to the activists’ explanations, wore a broad smile and said, “As a teacher, I’ve made efforts to teach students about the importance of environmental protection. To create a better future, every generation must be interested in environmental issues and take action right now. In that sense, this campaign to enhance citizens’ environmental awareness and encourage them to act is very important.”

ASEZ WAO member Noh Ye-jin from Daegu said, “Being nervous and excited, I practiced the panel explanation whenever I had time. I was delighted to see a greater number of citizens than anticipated expressing interest and engaging in response to this campaign. You need to have some knowledge to start something, don’t you? By actively promoting and encouraging participation in environmental protection, we can make a meaningful difference in changing the world.”

Interview With Citizens Participating in the Campaign

Residing in Jeju Island has heightened my interest in environmental issues. The panel exhibition introduced me to new environmental protection methods. I’ll be committed to actively participating in volunteer activities for the environment. Han Si-eun & Han Si-yeon from Jeju, Korea (teenagers)

To address climate change, not only individual actions but also the efforts at the national and societal levels are also crucial. I hope more people will actively engage in environmental protection practices through campaigns like this. Kim Hyeong-jin from Ulsan, Korea (20s)

I used to believe that I was taking good care of the environment in my own way. However, when I measured “My Distance From the Environment,” the score turned out to be unexpectedly low. It made me realize the need to pay more attention to environmental protection. It was a valuable moment for me to reconsider aspects I might be overlooking in my daily life. Go Hyeok-jun from Gwangju, Korea (20s)

Clearly, young people are an active generation that does not sit idly by and watch the world unfold. I am delighted to be in Korea and participate in this campaign. I hope that similar activities will also emerge among young people in the Philippines. Keigee Lee from the Philippines

Discovering that it’s a volunteer organization affiliated with a church was surprising. Holidays are valuable moments for office workers. Witnessing their profound sense of altruism, rooted in faith, driving this campaign was a refreshing experience. Seo Hana from Seoul, Korea (40s)

Experts warn that if the Arctic ice continues to melt, Amsterdam, situated below sea level, faces the risk of submersion, necessitating the relocation of its residents to eastern regions. When contemplating the future of my children, genuine concern arises. Even if it’s a modest effort, I firmly believe that campaigns like this should persist, informing people about global events and inspiring collective action. Kees Haverkate from the Netherlands (40s)

For several months, large wildfires have ravaged Canada, a country where I lived for 35 years. The unfamiliarity of these wildfires underscores the changing climate. Though the importance of environmental protection is acknowledged as common sense, translating that awareness into action proves to be challenging. It is disheartening. This is an issue where the older generation should take the lead, and I am thankful that young people are actively stepping up. Youngae Hwang from Canada (70s)