July 10, 2019

A Note That Changed a Thief’s Mind


Eileen was a visiting nurse in a small resort city in the U.K. She rode a bike whenever she visited patients. One day, when she came out of a patient’s home after counseling and treatment, the bike vanished. As she had to visit more patients and it was a gift from her friend, she was very angry. But soon, she calmed herself and wrote a note and stuck it to the wall.

“Please return my bike. It is old but loved, and will be frightened without its owner.”

The next day, she went to the place where she lost her bike with little expectation. There she wore a smile of joy. The bike was fastened to a lamp post with a new lock. “Sorry, but I never mistreated it” was written on the apology letter, along with the message that the keys were under the entrance mat of the patient’s home. At this, she put a further note.

“To the sweet bike borrower, thank you for returning my bike. She said she had a nice time, but is glad to be back with me.”