The Thief Who Stole from Himself


There was an infamous thief who was skilled at stealing expensive jewels. He was clever enough to evade the police for a long time.

One day, he was finally arrested while robbing a house, and spent twenty years in prison.

When he was released from prison, he was sixty years old—the twilight of his life. He deeply regretted his past and began to live a decent life. One day, a reporter interviewed him and asked,

“From whom did you steal the most?”

With tears he replied, “The one from whom I stole the most . . . was myself. I was good with my hands, handling machines and playing the piano. I was an eloquent speaker, and I was in good shape and had many friends. However, I used all my talents for stealing and wasted away the prime of my life sitting in prison. This is why I say the one from whom I stole the most is myself.”

Everyone is born with talents, but if you waste your God-given talents on meaningless things, you have stolen from yourself.