Accompanied by Angels

Kim Ji-young from Busan, Korea


When I was going to India, a small problem occurred in the process of issuing a visa at the airport in Nepal. The money I had was only Indian rupees, but they said it was impossible to pay unless I had Korean won, American dollars, or Nepalese rupees. Even the currency exchange machine was broken, so I was going here and there without knowing what to do. But with the help of two kind foreigners, the urgent situation was solved. It was definitely Mother who sent the angels to me.

The appearance of angels didn’t stop there. I planned to spend one night in Nepal and then go to India. So I wanted to see if anyone from the hotel I made a reservation at came out to meet me. I looked for a sign with my name. However, my name was nowhere to be found. Seeing a foreigner wander at the airport, taxi drivers made a fuss, wanting to get me into their taxis. I rejected them all out of caution and thought what to do. Fortunately, I met a kind staff member from the airport and was able to get to the hotel.

At the hotel, incidents kept happening. At first, the front desk attendant said I could not pay with Indian rupees, but all of a sudden, he went back on his words, saying, “Oh, it is possible to pay with Indian rupees, today.” After paying, I was given 2,000 Nepalese rupees for change.

In the next morning, I got up quite late, washed, and slowly got ready to leave for the airport. The departure time was in the afternoon, so I was not in a hurry. Then I looked at the paper that fell from my bag and I panicked. It read the departure time was 10:25 AM. When I looked at the clock, it was 10:10 AM.

I hurried to get my luggage and got in the taxi to head for the airport. The taxi fee was exactly 2,000 rupees, no less, no more. I gave thanks to God, thinking if I did not receive change yesterday, I wouldn’t be able to get in a taxi.

I arrived at the airport in a hurry, and the moment I was trying to get my ticket, the staff called me from the office.

“The departure time is 10:25. Why did you come now?”

“I misunderstood the departure time. Can I book another flight?”

“You see, surely somebody is helping you.”

“What? I don’t understand . . .”

“This kind of situation barely happens in the morning, but the flight got delayed for one hour.”

‘Oh, thanks to Father and Mother!’

Five airport staff members escorted me to a waiting room. I waited for ten minutes, and then got onto the airplane safely.

Even on the airplane, small surprises were waiting for me. I had a craving for coffee and cookies, so I thought, ‘I’m going to eat them as soon as I arrive when arriving in India.’ Then the flight attendant, who was sitting next to me, happened to talk with me and offered me a cup of coffee and cookies as well. You may think that was nothing special, but to me it felt like God told angels to accompany me from the beginning to the end.

From Nepal to India, all those little incidents I experienced were merely a precursor. While I was doing the gospel work in Lucknow, India, I became even surer that angels were accompanying me.

One day, I visited a new brother’s family with another local member. The brother was the only Christian we came across in the whole town while we were preaching. His wife didn’t believe in God. On that day, we asked his wife and two children to receive the blessing of God. We were talking about this and that, and all of a sudden his wife asked us, “Have you met another Christian in this town by any chance?”


“Follow me.”

The place she took us to was the house right in front of hers. As we rang the bell, a woman and her daughter came out. They were Christians, and when we said we were delivering the word of God, they gladly welcomed us. After that day, they studied the truth several times, visited Zion, and soon received the blessing of a new life. A few days later, the rest of their family all received the true God.

The daughter, who had been keeping God’s laws with her parents, older brother, and younger siblings, reflected on the day we met for the first time and said, “Up until then, no one had ever come to my house to deliver the word of God. On that day, I saw two angels.”

The sister called us angels, but there was an angel sent ahead of us by God. It was the new brother’s wife, who guided us to the sister’s house. Finally, the brother’s wife also received the truth and has been keeping the feasts of God holy. Those who encouraged her to receive baptism were the family members of the house in front of hers. God’s plan is truly amazing.

While looking for our lost heavenly family members and spending dream-like days overseas, sometimes I thought I was alone and felt lonely. In actuality, however, God never left me alone even just for a second; He let reliable angels to accompany me. I believe that all the kind people who helped me will surely receive the blessing of God. I hope you too believe that angels are always walking right beside you.