Love Your Brother as Yourself

Park Jeong-a from Gimcheon, Korea


My house is always full of noise. The ones who make the noise are my son and daughter who are a year apart in age. The two always play together but mostly end up in a fight. Sometimes, I even order them to keep one meter away from each other. However, while I’m preparing for a meal or cleaning, they get together and play again.

Seeing my children, people around me envy me, saying, “It’s so nice to see them get along well and take good care of each other!” Although I’m glad to hear that, I get upset whenever they squabble over nothing at home.

One day, my family was given a mission of making a family newspaper and writing a postcard to each other in preparation for a family invitation event to be held at the church. We had to find photos first to make a family newspaper. So I went to my parents-in-law’s house and brought an album with pictures of my children. I selected some suitable pictures and was about to put them on the newspaper. To find glue, I went into my daughter’s room and was looking for it. Then I heard someone sniffling. It was my daughter. She was crying, looking at the album on the bed.

“Why are you crying, Yejin?”

“Mom, I didn’t know my brother liked me this much.”

She was looking at the pictures taken when she was a newborn baby and her brother a year old. In the pictures, her brother was giving her a kiss on the cheek, and letting her sleep in his arm with a baby bottle in his mouth. She cried buckets, saying that she thought her brother hated her. I explained the pictures in detail and told her to get along well with her brother from then on.

After that, she changed little by little and I gave thanks to God. I’ve come to realize God’s will, “Love your brother as yourself,” through my children. When the brother and sister live in harmony, the parents are truly happy.