March 23, 2020

Beginner’s Mind


When you start something, you have certain attitudes toward it at first—pure and humble mind and eagerness. This is the beginner’s mind.

An online job market information site conducted a survey of 960 employees on how long they kept their beginner’s mind at work. On average, it was less than a year. When a person gets a job, he rejoices as if he is on top of the world. The resolution to work hard and heart-throbbing excitement on the first day to work! As long as you do not lose the beginner’s mind, you will never be stuck in a rut or fall into a slump. Then, how can you keep the beginner’s mind?

If you have an object that reminds you of the beginner’s mind, put it in a conspicuous place, or put the motto or the photo of the person you want to resemble on the wall, or purify your heart through nature like a hill or sea. The most effective way is to have time to talk with yourself often: ‘What do I truly want?’ ‘Where am I going now?’ or ‘What should I do to accomplish my goal?’ Ask yourself these questions.

When you make efforts not to lose the beginner’s mind, eagerness and endurance too hold fast.