A Brain Scientist Who Had a Stroke


Competent brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor collapsed from a stroke at age 37. As she has been studying with great interest in the brain since she was young, she accepted her stroke as a wonderful thing rather than being in despair. It was from the idea that few scientists had the opportunity to study their own brain and observe the process. Taylor who underwent surgery of removing a blood clot the size of a golf ball in her head, overcame the disease after eight years of effort with her strong will. Currently, she is working more actively by sharing her experiences through writing and lectures.

Another factor that enabled her to live a second life was her mother’s great love. Taylor’s mother taught how to walk, talk, and read, and write again, one by one, to her adult daughter, whose physical and cognitive skills had returned to her baby level. She never shouted or criticized her daughter but maintained a consistently friendly attitude. Instead of mourning for what her daughter couldn’t do, she praised any small changes and helped her understand what her next goal was and how to achieve it. The love of a mother who never gave up embroidered her daughter’s second life with hope.

“Having been born to my mother was truly my first and greatest blessing. Being born to her a second time has been my greatest fortune.” Jill Bolt Taylor