April 8, 2021

As Magpies Build a Nest


Magpies build a nest when they’re about to lay eggs. They build a nest at the top of a tall tree that can protect their young from natural enemies. They bring branches and weave them together to make a frame, and apply mud to fix it tightly. The inside of the nest is covered with dry grass or down feathers to make it cozy and soft.

They have to fly up and down more than a thousand times in order to get all the materials together until the nest is finished. Apart from gathering branches, it is more difficult to weave the branches tightly. Branches frequently fall to the ground by the wind. Then the magpies do not pick them up to reuse but find new ones. The nest they completed so carefully is strong enough to withstand the rainstorm.

Home is not only a physical place; it also includes the meaning of a loving family. Just as magpies do not spare their effort and labor, flapping their wings countlessly to build their nest, if the whole family constantly endeavors after harmony, they will be able to fortify home that will never collapse even if a strong wind blows.