May 15, 2019

Change of Thoughts

Busan, Korea, Lee Seok-jun


Every week, I cleaned the street nearby my college with the ASEZ club members. But at some point, I found myself cleaning the same place because it went back to its previous state within a few days after we cleaned up. I even thought, ‘Does someone dump garbage intentionally?’

Seeing the street filled with garbage, I felt sad because the faces of my club members, who cleaned it up with the beads of sweat, lingered in my mind. Sometimes, I felt like our volunteer service was in vain. All of a sudden, I remembered the phrase, “change of thoughts,” on the Church of God website.

If we think that we have done something for others, we tend to want something in return. Then think in this way: ‘I am happy that I could do it.’ If you were happy, that is enough.

Brooding over it, I decided to change my thought; I made up my mind to be happy that I can do volunteer service for others. Surprisingly, since then, the volunteer service was not hard at all.

The mindset and the result change, depending on how I think. Though there is no visible result right away, since I am happy by doing it, that is enough.