Clean Lima, Shining Peru

Busan, South Korea, Gwon Ok-jin


On August 19, 2018, ASEZ the World Mission Society Church of God University Student Volunteer Group and about five hundred Peruvian members cleaned up around the Carpayo Beach, located in Callao, a chief seaport of Peru, where there was a lot of trash.

There were not only plastics, bottles, rubber, and boards, but also trash between the stones. There were untold amount of trash that we picked by going here and there at the beach without a break. After about two hours, the beach which had been suffering from garbage became clean and fresh like a baby whose face just got washed.

“Clean Lima, Shining Peru!”

Just as the slogan goes, there must be people who take action in order to make the city and the country clean and shiny. We cannot expect any change if we only think without action. The cleanup was especially memorable to me, as a member of ASEZ that makes an effective change in the world with the love of Mother, because changes were brought about through action. I believe if each of us takes small actions, it will make a big change and save the world.