April 11, 2019

Courage of a Mother


Pearl S. Buck, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, spent her childhood in China with her father who was a missionary. Once, there was a drought while her father was away on a long trip. A rumor spread that the drought occurred because her Caucasian mother had angered gods. As time went by, people were filled with anger, and one day they gathered around Pearl’s house to harm her mother.

Her mother was scared as she heard the rumor, but she brought out cakes, fruit, and cups of tea. Then, she opened all the gates of the house as if she’d been waiting for the day. She told Pearl to play with some toys and she herself started doing needlework.

A little while later, with big shouts, people with pipes rushed to her house. To their great surprise, the door of the house was opened. As they looked into the room, Pearl’s mother warmly welcomed them, politely greeting, “Welcome to our home! We’ve been waiting for you. Please come in and have some tea.” They hesitated for a moment, but went into the house and had cake and tea. They saw Pearl playing with toys and his mother doing needlework. They realized that they were harmless, and went back home, and on that day, it rained, putting an end to the drought.

Pearl’s mother overcame the crisis by letting go of fear and having courage.

Everyone goes through the moments of fear sometimes in their lives. If you calmly deal with the situation by taking courage with faith that God will help you, you can wisely overcome difficulties.