December 26, 2019

Dad’s Love

Wei Wei from Singapore


In my childhood, I pledged myself not to become a businessperson. It was because of my dad who was a businessman. He was so busy all the time that I could hardly see him. He frequently went on a business trip; and when he wasn’t on a business trip, he had dinner appointments with his clients. I can hardly remember my family having dinner all together.

Even when he was at home, he was always on the phone. When he was done with one phone call, he would soon answer another phone call. Sometimes, he was on the phone for hours. I could hardly see him whether he was at home or not, so I grumbled to my mom.

“Dad only cares about his work.”

“He’s working hard for you.”

I didn’t understand what my mom meant. It was obvious that he cared about his work more than family, and I believed that he started business because that’s what he liked.

I never knew until later that he was a quiet person like me, and that he wasn’t really a people person. He liked reading or going for a walk in a quiet place more than having dinner with clients and talking about business with them the whole time he was eating, but he managed to keep a job that didn’t suit his personality only to raise his daughter just like what my mom said.

Looking back, I was well-off in my childhood. My dad loved me a lot and only tried to give me good things. No matter how busy he was, he always did his best whenever he did something for me. Whenever I told him that I was fine, he said to me in a soft voice, “You are my only daughter. You are everything to me.”

Although I didn’t have many chances to spend time with him, when we did have time together, he often gave me many good lessons. My dad’s only hope was for his daughter to grow upright and live happily.

While I was growing in my dad’s love, he became weaker. As a businessman, he lived an irregular and fierce life, and accumulated fatigue harmed him. He used to be very healthy and liked working out, but now his health is not good at all and so he has to take medicine. It may be because he has given his everything to his daughter.

Heavenly Father too lived a life of pain and sacrifice only for His children. Leaving heavenly glory and comfort behind, He lived through sufferings alone. Thanks to Father’s sacrifice, I was able to look forward to the heavenly kingdom that I had lost because of my sin. Every single day of my life can exist thanks to Heavenly Father’s love and sacrifice.

I still haven’t realized Father’s love completely. I want to live a repentant life, engraving upon my heart the fact that I can be who I am thanks to Father.