December 30, 2019

The Most Beautiful Mind, Devotaion For Life

Back from fire station consolatory

Elton Wilson Zelaya from Lima, Peru


A few months ago, some members from the Lima Church in Peru donated noodles, rice, sugar, oil, and water to volunteer fire fighters. When we asked what kind of food they needed, they answered with excitement, “We all like noodles because it’s easy and simple to cook.” Fire fighters were very satisfied, receiving our donation, and they gave many thanks to Elohim God. The reason we had been motivated to donate food was because volunteer fire fighters live in poverty; nobody is paid.

We already knew the reality, but by visiting the fire station and offering the donations, we were able to understand how difficult their lives were more deeply. Most of the equipment that the fire fighters had were very old and rusty. We could tell how devotedly they were doing their hard job just by looking at their old cars and their worn-out uniforms. Their faces reflected their risk of fighting against death in the danger of every day accidents and fires. We were all moved greatly.

I asked myself what made them do this job despite the poverty and difficulties like this. Then I realized that it was solely because of their selfless and devotional wish, wanting to help neighbors. The volunteer fire department consists of people who want to help others. Besides working as fire fighters, they work or study in their spare time. They devote their life to saving other people’s lives, and they love and cherish their work so much.

By looking at them, I came to look back on what kind of mindset and attitude I need to have in the gospel. Elohim God taught us that the names of the gospel workers are written in the book of life in heaven. Gospel workers always try to save endangered souls and offer them spiritual medicine, and they put saving souls before everything with a quick decision and action no matter what kind of difficulty they are in.

Fire fighters sometimes receive prank calls, but they always equip themselves fully and go into action. Prank calls always shock them. Nevertheless, they are never discouraged. Like this, gospel workers also face various situations while they preach the gospel, but they are never discouraged or dismayed. It is because there are souls who are waiting for the spiritual medicine.

I give sincere thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother who grant us generous and merciful hearts, and who called us to complete the most joyful mission of helping neighbors and leading them into the arms of Heavenly Father and Mother.