Donate Your Talent to Your Family!


Musician with music, chef with dish, and lecturer with lecture … Contributing to society by donating their talents and abilities to others is called Talent Donation.

Talent donation is generally done in society, but it can also be done at home in a narrow sense. Everyone has one thing that he or she is good at. You can do it for your family. God has given a talent to each of us, wanting us to use it for others. If we use it for our family, it will be more meaningful.

Even for a small thing, do not keep your talent to yourself but use it for your family. Then, it will be a great help to your family’s harmony and development!

Help your younger brother or sister do homework, style your family’s hair, write a good phrase in a pretty font.
Read books or sing in a gentle voice, make family laugh, make delicious food.
Kindly teach others what they do not know, play the musical instrument or teach how to play.
Work out together with a friendly guidance, draw illustrations and caricatures, do household chores you’re good at, and so on.