How to Double Happiness

Jeon Beom-jun from Jeonju, Korea


After entering college, I participated for the first time in a street cleanup held by the club. I picked up garbage, and by the time I got to a smoking area, I was surprised to find hundreds of cigarette butts on the ground. At first, I picked up each cigarette butt with tongs. But since they were too many, I collected them with my hands and put them into garbage bags. Thanks to the diligent efforts of volunteers, the smoking area soon became clean.

The college I attend is nearby the last bus stop in the city. So there are many buses waiting at the station and it is always crowded with people standing in a line. Maybe that’s why the station had lots of garbage like cans and food packages. We decided to clean up the bus station as well. I would often pass by the garbage due to busy school schedules, but that time, I cleaned the area with other students and felt good and refreshed. A bus driver, who was looking at us, asked us where we came from and complimented us, saying that we did a great job. One driver said he would give us a ride for free if we ask. We only did what should be done, but seeing the drivers happy, we experienced that the key to double our happiness is to help others.