March 31, 2020

Dusting Out Every Nook and Corner

The Church of God in Delaware, OH, U.S.


The Delaware Zion members cleaned several playgrounds in Newark on the last Sunday of January. The playgrounds were located in a good neighborhood, and so we thought it wouldn’t take much work to clean up. But it turned out they were not sanitary at all.

A few playground rides were covered with much dust and stains that we couldn’t tell what their original colors were. We immediately set out to clean up and disinfect the rides. Soon, they regained their original colors. The thought of children who would play in the clean playgrounds made us smile. While cleaning the playgrounds, we came to think that no matter how great facilities are, they become useless if not well taken care of.

We should also take good care of our souls created by God. We will be able to graciously accomplish the mission entrusted to each one of us when we break bad habits and stop negative thoughts by reflecting on ourselves based on the word of God every day.