May 27, 2019


Choi Yong-gyu from Seoul, Korea


Starting a few years ago, my left eye looked blurry as if there was a fog. The same symptom started on my right eye also. I wore glasses, thinking it might be presbyopia, but I still felt frustrated. I went to the eye hospital because my wife urged me to go, but the doctor told me to go a bigger hospital to find out the exact cause and only gave me an eye drop prescription.

Afterwards, because of the busy restaurant which we were running, I couldn’t spare any time. But later when I couldn’t even distinguish an object, I felt the seriousness of the situation and went to a big hospital. The doctor said he doubted that it was glaucoma, and suggested an MRI test to see if there was something wrong inside my brain.

I don’t know how I came out of the hospital. ‘What if I become blind like this?’ Sitting down on a bench, I thought about all sorts of things. I felt sorry to my wife the most. By the continuous failure of my business, my wife suffered a lot. However, she is the one who never expresses her hardships. I couldn’t put any more burdens on her.

I came back and told my wife what the doctor said. My wife who is deep in heart, comforted me, saying that everything would be okay. Through the MRI test result, my symptom came out as a pituitary tumor pressing on the optic nerve. The doctor said if I left it this way, I might go blind. The most urgent thing was to get a surgery. I felt hopeless. But then the next thing the doctor said was hopeful, “Because of the developed medical-technology, comparatively, we’re able to do the surgery easily. Since the success rate is high, sight recovery is possible.” It didn’t matter who said it first, both I and my wife cried, “Father Mother, thank You.” I couldn’t hear anything that the doctor was saying next.

After the surgery, feeling searing thirst and pain, I woke up from the anesthesia. I heard that I came out from the operation room after seven hours of surgery. As the anesthesia was wearing off, the pain became worse. I couldn’t move my body to the left or to the right, even my breathing was difficult and I felt nauseous and a headache. That night was nightmare. I had to endure with painkillers and then I woke up the next day morning.

For a moment, I doubted my eyes. The world was seen clearly in the bright morning sunshine! ‘Father Mother, thank You!’ I couldn’t help but only give a prayer of thanks to God for allowing me to see the bright world. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

A few days later, sitting outside the garden in front of the hospital, hearing birds twittering and leaves rustling in the wind, the world looked more peaceful and beautiful than ever. I didn’t know that the fact that I was able to see was something that I had to be thankful for.

In the old days, I was spiritually blind and didn’t recognize God who came as the light. God opened my eyes to distinguish the truth, but I just took this blessing for granted up until now.

There must be the will of Heavenly Father and Mother for allowing me to see both the physical world and spiritual world again. It must be the way to repay God’s grace to preach the truth to the people around me so that they can open their eyes and recognize Elohim God.