Create Family Mailbox!


Jeong Yakyong, a scholar of the Realist School of Confucianism in the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, wrote more than a hundred letters to educate his two sons during his exile. Another scholar Yi Hwang too sent numerous letters to his son to convey his deep love. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of The Little Prince, expressed his affection and longing for his mother through letters from his childhood to death.

A letter is a good tool and a best gift to convey a sincere heart. Many parents have been moved to tears by their children’s letters, and many children have corrected their mindsets at their parents’ letters.

This month, let’s create a beautiful family mailbox and share family love through letters.

Prepare as many paper cups or small boxes as the number of your family members and decorate them nicely.
Write the name of each member on each mailbox beautifully designed.
Place all the mailboxes in the most conspicuous place at home.
Write letters of thanks, praise, or encouragement to your family three or more times a week.