Discover Hidden Merits of Your Family


While living with your loving family, you may see each other’s weaknesses. If you just look at weak points of others, you might unwittingly grumble against them. But if you consider their strengths bigger than their weaknesses, thanksgiving will come out of your mouth naturally. This month, find out 50 merits from each and every one of your family members with your eyes wide opened. If you look at others with a beautiful mind, you will be able to discover their hidden merits you haven’t recognized before and realize you’re living with such good people.

Tips for discovering family members’ hidden merits
Have interest in them.
Think positively even for their weak points.
Note down whenever you find a strong point of theirs.
When you note down, write in detail.
Have time to talk about the strengths you found with one another.
Write your family members’ strengths on a paper and stick it on the fridge.
Write the strengths of your friends or neighbors as well, besides your family, and talk about them.