Love that Gives Strength

Mun Su-jeong from Gwangju, Korea


Last summer, an unprecedented rain spell caused severe flood damages. I volunteered for the flood recovery efforts with the Church of God Young Adult Worker Volunteer Group [ASEZ WAO].

As we arrived at the village, the residents were already cleaning the dust with sweat. Greenhouses were all ruined, and it was hard to recover their household items. Most residents barely pulled themselves together. I could feel the sadness from their worried faces.

We moved to our allotted areas. We used shovels to scoop out the dust and garbage, which covered the greenhouses, put them in sacks, and brought them outside. The place was so sweltering that even the heatwave warning was issued due to the sizzling hot and humid weather. Although we worked in pairs of threes or fours, we were easily exhausted and later we had no energy even to speak. However, we tried our best to the end because we wanted to be of help.

While focusing on the work, I realized that helping someone else is not easy, especially when I am tired. This helped me fathom the love of Heavenly Parents, who always encourage us. I will follow Their example and put into practice Their love. If I spot a neighbor in need of help, I will approach him first to offer my assistance even if it may be hard.