Gospel, God’s Gift to Fill My Weak Faith

Uyanga Shar from Mexico City, Mexico


It was when I was attending a college abroad. When I went to my home in Mongolia for summer vacation, my mother who had become Christian preached to me the word of the Bible many times. Since I had grown up with Buddhist beliefs, I had no idea of ​​God or the Bible, but gradually the words of the Bible began to get my attention while having conversations with my mom, and finally I converted to Christianity.

After graduating from college, my husband and I decided to live in Mexico. There, we tried to find a church to attend. One day, I got a call from my mom. She said she had found the true church, and she arranged a meeting for me with a pastor of the Church of God in Mexico.

The pastor came to my house and taught us the Bible, but since the teachings were so different from what we had learned before, we hesitated to accept them. However, I could not deny the existence of Heavenly Mother because I saw it with my own eyes in the Bible. That day, my husband and I kneeled down before the word and received a new life.

Unfortunately, after the pastor left, I heard vilification of the Church of God. I was confused and afraid at the thought that I might be going to the wrong way. For several days, I could not sleep and cried a lot. the members of Zion tried to help me correct my wrong thoughts with the words of the Bible, but I flat out refused their request for a study. Soon after, I left for Mongolia for vacation.

My mother eagerly asked me to listen to the word once again. Although I was angry, out of respect for my mother I decided to listen just one more time. Two very nice sisters answered all my questions one by one through the Bible with great sincerity. After a long study, my questions and doubts were answered little by little.

‘This is definitely the truth. How could I waver because of those groundless slurs?’

The Sabbath day and the Passover were definitely the truth. When I learned that the cross, which I always had on me as a sacred thing, was an idol, I was so shocked that I couldn’t keep my mouth closed. I regretted having made a hasty judgment without trying to confirm through the Bible.

After that, my view of life completely changed. Before, my dream was to open my own clinic. I planned to enjoy my life to the fullest by gaining wealth and fame through my work and it didn’t change even after I joined the Protestant church. For me God was like someone to lean on when things did not go well, and His word was like some moral laws at that time.

After I realized that God is my spiritual Parents, and that They sacrificed Themselves for me even to the point of death, I didn’t want to live only for my desire any longer. Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan was engraved on my heart.

“Go and do likewise!”

Jesus’ words, “Save dying souls,” were an order from Almighty God, and the way for me to go to heaven. I didn’t know what preaching was, how I should preach, and what meaning and blessing was hidden behind preaching, but I preached to people the things I had learned one by one.

At first, it seemed pretty easy to save souls as I bore many fruits after I began to preach the word. However, not many of them remained in the truth. Seeing them fall away from Zion for many different reasons, I shed bitter tears.

A year passed, but I didn’t bear any good fruit. I did not know what the problem was, and my patience was running out. After a while, I had an opportunity to join some of Korean members for a short-term preaching. Seeing them preach with love and humility, I learned many things.

Most Korean members didn’t speak much Spanish, and they didn’t know much about Mexicans, but they still led many people to God. The difference between them and me was clear; they humbly admitted that they were lacking and depended on God absolutely, whereas I depended on my ability. Just because I was confident in teaching the word of God, I thought I could convince people with my own ability.

One day, we had time to share a fragrance of Zion. I repented of my wrong faith with tears. After that day, I fully depended on God, and blessings followed blessings. That’s when I found Brother Felipe and Sister Eridania.

They studied until late at night, but instead of feeling tired, they thanked us for letting them know the precious truth about the soul. They grew as gospel workers very fast and have led their family members to the truth. The joy I felt while seeing them grow was beyond description.

The more I preached the gospel, the more keenly I felt that saving souls does not depend on circumstances or people’s thoughts. Later, I had a chance to participate in another short-term preaching. I went to a town where Catholic tradition was deeply rooted, with a Korean brother who did not speak Spanish well.

Every house had huge statues of Mary and of the saints. It was cold and very rainy and people’s reaction was also cold; I soon felt tired. The brother who was my preaching partner also seemed to be suffering inside.

We felt sad and our steps were heavy, but we continued preaching the word, believing that Father and Mother would comfort us with a beautiful fruit. Then we found a lonely house surrounded by tall grass. As I imagined walking to the house through long and wet grass, I hesitated. I thought about skipping that house, but we went and knocked on the door.

A kind elderly lady opened the door and let us in as we told her that we were there to preach the word of the Bible. Her family all sat at the table to listen. That day, the elderly lady and her family all received the truth; it was ten of all. Blessings continued in our next visit; her other family members also received the promise of a new life. What if we had passed her house in order not to get wet and dirty, thinking, ‘No one has accepted the word. So would this house be any different?’?

Coming back to Mexico City after the short-term preaching, I had great concern for the elderly sister’s family because they had studied the truth only a few times, but thanks to Father and Mother, I’ve heard that they are keeping their faith with fervor by God’s grace. Truly, the gospel work is done by God’s power. This work would be done according to the Bible prophecies even if I were not one of those working for it, but Father and Mother bless me to work as a worker and I truly give all thanks to Them.

A few chances of participating in the short-term preaching let me realize what I was lacking in, who is standing in the center of the gospel work, and how it is carried out. Based on that realization, my weak and lacking faith has become ripe and mature little by little.

‘The mission to preach the gospel is like how Noah built the ark.’

For me, bearing ten talents by preaching the gospel is not different from how Noah built the ark; because it is difficult, but possible in God.

We just need to be trained and reborn to accomplish our goal. In my case, I had to change a lot. Before, I didn’t smile much. I was unsociable and avoided meeting people. Moreover, I was hot-tempered. Not long after I received the truth, I once noticed my children’s rude behaviors and it greatly concerned me. As I was wondering where they had learned the bad behaviors, my husband told me that they remind him of me. I was very shocked.

My conducts weren’t good enough to deliver love to the world and take care of brothers and sisters. However, many changes were made in me while I followed the Teachings of Mother. Giving love, sacrificing, being humble, praising, serving, yielding, being patient, and covering brothers and sisters’ faults … Mother’s teachings which She Herself has set examples of are changing me to be worthy of going to heaven.

I still have many things to learn. But God will refine me more through what I’m going to experience with people who I’m going to meet. Without complaining, I’m going to humble myself and obey the Teachings of Mother. I eagerly pray that Her teachings will be displayed through my action so that people around me can understand Mother’s love through me.

Today, many people are streaming to Zion thanks to Mother’s warm love and sacrifice that is melting the frozen world. I want to fulfill perfect love like Mother does. I eagerly pray that I will understand the heart of Mother who is pleased most when a soul is saved, and will resemble Her.

Mother, all your sons and daughters in Mexico and throughout the world are eagerly waiting for the day we will be with You forever in our heavenly home without parting again. Just as Noah was patient for such a long time and put all his effort into making the ark, I will put all my faith and love for the completion of the gospel.