“You Are a Good Person”


Everyone has good points you can learn. But it is not easy to find out what your good points are on your own. Often, you may know them only by hearing from others.

When someone says to you, “This is why I like you” or “You are a good person,” you feel good. These words can develop your good points all the more, and you will feel more confident that you can do anything. It is a great happiness to have someone who recognizes and acknowledges you.

This month, find good points of your family members and handwrite them for keeping a long time. You, too, are a good person who knows how to find good points of your family.

Prepare as many notebooks or A4 papers as the number of your family members.
Write at the top of the paper: “(Name), you are a good person.”
Set a period for the mission.
Write down whenever you find a good point of your family members (You may use sticky notes).
Write as specific as possible about good points of your family members.
If you agree with a family member’s writing, draw a star or a heart shape at the end of the writing to mean Like.
Share your thoughts after completing the he mission.