The Greatest Joy

M. Dorjdagva from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Long hair that comes down below the shoulders, beard, a denim jacket, sunglasses, and cowboy boots! This was me before receiving the truth. I let my hair and beard grow because I was shooting a film at that time. As an actor, I was in quite many movies, and made one or two movies myself. I felt satisfied with my talent and lived according to my standard, not thinking about how other people viewed me.

However, it was different when it came to religion. Although I claimed to believe in God and know the Bible, it didn’t make sense whenever I read the Bible. Although my pastor didn’t really teach me the Bible, I believed him more than God, but I was often frustrated and felt like something was missing.

One day, one of my alumni called me. Over the phone, we started talking about church. He told me I couldn’t have eternal life in my church. Since that day, my friend and I often talked about the Bible and church.

One day, he said he would come to meet me. But I told him I would go, and I went to his church, the Church of God. The church was clean and the people there were very kind and polite. Everything felt very refreshing, but I didn’t show my impression of the church. I looked at my watch and said to my friend, “I have 15 minutes,” and sat down. Then someone there asked me a few questions. One of the questions that almost made me laugh was, “Have you received the forgiveness of sins?” I thought, ‘I’ve been going to church for many years! Who would have the forgiveness of sins if I didn’t have it?’

However, after studying the Bible, I felt drained and confused. One hour passed already, but I wanted to listen to the word more. I tried not to show what I was thinking, but then he asked me if I knew about God the Mother.

“Did you say we have God the Mother? What are you talking about? There is only one God! How can you say that without fear? If there is God the Mother, show me!”

I lost my temper and yelled at him. However, my mind went blank after studying about God the Mother who was clearly testified in the Bible. I felt scared all of a sudden at the thought that I had been missing something important. I was afraid that the gates of the kingdom of heaven would be closed while I was falling behind if I did not receive the true God quickly.

While watching the church introduction video, I unknowingly shouted, “Mother,” in my mind. I couldn’t stay still, wanting to be embraced by Heavenly Mother like the people in the video. My arrogance was gone, and my heart was filled with fear in God. I wanted to study more, but I had to make an appointment for the next day because I had no more time that day.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Daylight came while I was still captured by overflowing joy as well as fear. I set everything aside and hurried to the Church of God. That day, I studied the amazing prophecies of the Bible about Heavenly Father who came to this earth a second time. I became God Elohim’s child right away.

After receiving the true God, I felt like a new person physically and mentally, and it felt like I was filled with the living breath of God all throughout my body—my heart, bones, marrows, and so on. I focused on the word of the Bible, and led three souls to Zion a few days later. I felt true peace in my soul, giving thanks to Mother for embracing this arrogant and sinful child.

When I realized the value of the truth, I thought about the people from my old church. Since they didn’t know the truth yet, I diligently preached the word to them to lead them all to Zion. I thought they would all realize the truth because all the teachings were from the Bible. However, the reality was different. Some of them became heavenly family members, but many sneered at me and hindered me. When I saw them calling the obvious truth falsehood, I could understand how much Father and Mother must have suffered when They came to this earth to save us, and how much They loved us; I was choked with emotion. I gave thanks to Father and Mother for opening my heart to understand the truth, and I felt so sorry for those who wouldn’t receive the true God.

Some hardships befell me, but I wasn’t ashamed of preaching the truth. I stood firm in faith and boldly preached the gospel as a child of Almighty God who governs the whole universe. Father and Mother granted me overflowing blessings by allowing me to bear many fruits.

Thankfully, most of the souls who were led to the truth grew up to be gospel workers, and now they are faithfully carrying out their missions. One of my co-actors was soon going to graduate from a theological university. However, he received the truth by God’s help, and is now carrying out his gospel duty. God opened my mouth though I was lacking, and let me lead many brothers and sisters to Zion. When I see them operate a house church, praise God as choir members, accompany the choir on the piano, and keep service graciously, I am enormously grateful to Father and Mother.

There was one person who gave me the hardest time until she was led to Zion—my wife. My wife went to a Protestant church from time to time, but strangely enough, she became very upset whenever I tried to talk about the Bible. Fortunately, my son understood the truth right away though he was young, and he joined me in prayer for my wife. After praying for a year, my wife finally came to Zion. After that, I came to know why she had acted the way I could not understand. It was because the pastor of her church had told her never to listen to me. I gave thanks to God again and again for leading my wife to Zion safely in spite of such hindrances. My wife has grown in faith, and now helps with the gospel work. I eagerly hoped and prayed that my whole family would do God’s work. I’m so happy and thankful that God answered my prayer.

Father and Mother always answer my prayers. Ever since I received the truth, I’ve prayed for many years for the gospel to be preached in my hometown, and it has come true. In the summer of 2014, a preaching rally was held in Zion, and we started preaching in many different areas. I joined the first short-term mission team which was formed at that time. While preaching hard without rest for two weeks together with the team members, I was able to lead twenty-two souls to the truth. On the first day of the short-term mission, it snowed a lot though it was a spring day, and the bus couldn’t reach the summit of the mountain. So we ended up getting off the bus and walked up to the snow-covered summit for three hours in thin clothes. Now a house church is operated there. The sister, who is now taking care of the house church, used to run a Protestant house church. Not only did the sister understand the truth, but her five daughters and her mother who is over 80 years old all became God’s children.

This great blessing was never attained by my strength. I only followed Father and Mother, thinking that I must quickly preach this precious news without delay. When I was in school, I wasn’t interested in studying, nor was I good at it. However, I used up several notebooks, studying God’s word, which I had never done before. Whenever I see the notebooks, I can feel how joyful I was when I received God’s truth. Father and Mother comforted me with many talents, seeing how joyful I was in Them like a little child and how much I tried to obey Their word, “Preach to everybody.” I will cherish the love and grace of Father and Mother, and run the path of faith with a humble mind.

While working as an actor, I felt small and big joy, and once received the presidential award. However, that joy cannot be compared with the happiness I have while preaching the gospel and storing the heavenly awards. I feel the greatest joy in my life here in Zion.

Since God allowed me eternal life, the best reward, I will do my best for the gospel until I change completely and enter the kingdom of heaven. Father and Mother, I am lacking in many ways, but please help this son to receive infinite rewards of heaven.