A Girl Who Had Apples


A little girl followed her mom to a fruit shop. The girl waited quietly while her mother was choosing what to buy, and the fruit shop owner gave her apples in her both hands. The girl and her mother returned home pleasantly. Her dad and younger brother were waiting for them at home. Hearing the story of how she got the apples, her dad said,

“Oh, that’s good. Then can you give one apple to your brother?”

After hesitating for a moment, she bit off the apple in one hand and chewed and swallowed it. Then she had a bite of the apple in the other hand. Dad was about to give her a stinging rebuke because he thought she was trying to eat all the apples alone. At that moment, she gave the apple she had tasted later to his brother and said,

“Eat this. This is more delicious.”

Dad was relieved not to rush into scolding her. And he pledged to have a generous heart that tries to slow down without judging his child’s behavior rashly.