Billionaire’s Happiness


“You should use your wealth to help people. You can’t wear two pairs of shoes at a time.” Chuck Feeney

‘Wealthy, Cold-Hearted, and Determined Man Who Is Only After Money’

In 1988, the American business magazine Forbes ranked businessman Chuck Feeney as the 23rd richest American and made the above remarks about him. True, Chuck Feeney had a knack for making money since he was a child, engaging in various ventures such as renting parasols, selling sandwiches, and organizing events. By his forties, he had achieved great success in the duty-free shop business and became a billionaire.

Despite his wealth, as reported by the media, he was not a miser who only cared about money. In fact, he spent money lavishly beyond imagination. However, he owned neither a car nor a house, always flew economy class, and wore a simple watch. The money he spent went entirely to charity. No one knew about his donations until 1997 when the Atlantic Philanthropies foundation he established in 1982 came to light.

Behind Chuck Feeney’s extraordinary philanthropy was his mother. He learned to consider the feelings of those he helped from his mother, who, pretending it was a coincidence, would give rides to neighbors who couldn’t get to the hospital because they didn’t have a car. With the belief, “You should use your wealth to help people. You can’t wear two pairs of shoes at a time,” he donated 99% of his wealth, approximately 8 billion USD, and stated that he would give away everything he had before he died.