The Reason He Can’t Die


There was a lazy son in a family. Even after coming of age, he didn’t work but spent every day sitting around at home. His parents, who worried about his lifestyle, sent his son to a renowned sage. The son opened his heart to the sage who was offering him warm tea with a gentle look.

“What is the reason for life? I don’t know why I live, so I don’t know what to do.”

“If then, can you die right now?”

“What? I didn’t mean that I would die.”

“Why can’t you die? Tell me why.”

The son thought deeply, and after a while he opened his mouth.

“If I die, my parents will be very sad. Although I am not a good son, they care of and love me. How can I die, leaving them behind.”

“Now, you’ve got the answer. The reason you can’t die is the reason you have to live. Live for the people who you don’t want to make sad. Live as if every day is your last day, so you will never regret no matter when you die.”