I Am the Supporter of My Family!


When we watch sports, we can see the people who are as enthusiastic as the players. They are supporters. Supporters refer to the people who support or sponsor a specific group or person, or the people who cheer for players in the stadium. The supporters’ backing and cheering give players strength and confidence, which leads the game to victory. It is true that the players who have finished the game say, “I was energized by the cheers of the spectators.”

Not only sport players but everyone needs encouragement and support. This is because everyday life towards a dream or for a task given to us is sometimes like a fierce game.

This month, become a reliable supporter for your family. Nothing can be more powerful than the encouragement and support of the family!

Say positive words with sincerity.
Send a cheerful text message.
Sing cheers with cute dance moves.
Deliver snacks with a note of encouragement.
Hug him or her tight.
Pat his or her shoulders or back.
Do a high five.
Give the thumbs up.