July 12, 2019

In Order to Save My Brother


In April, 2013, a primary school girl and a boy, who are siblings, were on their way home from a study room in Seoul, Korea. They saw some children jumping up and down on the plate of a flood pumping station near a playground. Then, the boy too began to jump on the same spot after all others left. Seeing him doing that, his older sister came near to him to take him out of there. Suddenly the plate tilted and both of them fell into the pumping station which was eight meters (26 ft) high.

The depth of water in it was 130 centimeters (4.3 ft). Fortunately, the girl was 153 centimeters (5 ft) all that she could breathe with her head over the water, but the boy who was 140 centimeters (4.6 ft) tall couldn’t. So the girl held up her brother and even tiptoed to enable him to breathe. As it was in the evening, they were in darkness, and what was worse, the dirty water was cold. They kept shouting for help, shivering with cold and became half conscious. Over 50 minutes after they fell, they could be finally rescued thanks to a middle school student’s report.

Later, the girl said that she could think of nothing but holding up his brother who was floundering in the water. Though the boy told his sister to get him down as she looked tired, the girl kept holding him tight to the end as she was afraid that her brother might die if she put him down.

Being seized by fear of death, she desperately endured till the end to save her brother. The touching love of the girl toward her brother saved both of them.