September 16, 2020

Language Habits to Be Thrown Away


All people want others to listen to what they say, and want to have a good conversation. Sound Expert Julian Treasure says that there are seven bad speaking habits you need to avoid if you want people to listen to you.

The first bad habit is gossiping. We must remember that if we engage in gossip, we can make others to start gossiping about us. The second is judging. How would you feel if another person judges you? The third is being negative. Negative words make it hard for others to listen. The fourth is complaining. Complaints make your life a misery. The fifth is making excuses. People avoid the person who puts blame on someone else, not taking any responsibility for his action. The sixth is exaggerating. Adding dramatic flair is basically a form of lying. The seventh is being dogmatic. If you state as if your own opinion were true, you come to make it difficult for others to listen.

What people want to listen to is the words of honesty, authenticity, and integrity and love that wish them well. In order to be honest, you don’t always need to be straightforward. Rather, love and care should be the first.