February 23, 2021

A Lesson from Kauai


The island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands is now famous for its beautiful scenery, but it was once a dark gloomy land. The residents suffered from poverty and diseases, and criminals, alcoholics, and juvenile delinquents were serious.

In 1954, a research was conducted about how family background and socioeconomic environment influenced the development of people there. Experts in each field observed about 800 residents from the time when they were fetuses to adulthood, and found out that the worse their living environment was such as parents’ flaws in character and mental health and the like, the harder they found it to adjust to society, living a wrong-headed life.

Among 201 residents in the high-risk group with the poorest living conditions, 72 people grew up right without showing any learning disability or social maladjustment; some of them even entered prestigious universities in the U.S., winning scholarships. Upon analysis, one thing in common was found: each of those people had at least one person who trusted and understood him or her whether it was his or her parent, relative, or teacher. They were able to overcome trials with the power of love even in bad conditions.

It is important to make a good environment for your child, but what is more important is to trust, understand, and love your child.