To Live Happily for a Long Time


Many people regard happiness as the ultimate goal in their lives. Then, what is needed most to enjoy happiness for a long time? People may think of material elements first, such as a good house and a nice car. However, it is said that the abundance obtained from materials cannot sustain happiness.

In fact, according to a survey on lottery winners in the United States in 1978, the happiness from winning the lottery lasted only a short time, and after that, they came to live a more prosaic life than before; because they quickly got used to the changed life and they couldn’t feel happy about trivial things after experiencing such a great luck in a moment.

The requirements for happiness that psychologists have picked were different. It is experience: exciting challenges, unusual experience, time spent with loved ones, etc. Unlike the huge lottery payout that gives temporary happiness, a variety of experience that makes life more colorful gives happiness that won’t fade over time.

The experience that will bring joy and touch your heart whenever you think of it doesn’t necessarily have to be big or great. So, pile up a lot of experience freely with your loved ones who are beside you.