November 17, 2020

How to Minimize Regrets


“What do you say if I sell things on the Internet?”

“It’s a good idea, but will it be necessary to challenge when you want for nothing? It would be better if a jobless person gives it a try.”

The person, who graduated from a prestigious university and had a stable job with a high salary, handed in his resignation. Foreseeing the possibility of Internet business, he suggested the establishment of an Internet shopping mall to his boss, but he was rejected. So he decided to start his own business. He is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, the largest online shopping mall in the world.

When he was standing at a crossroads between a stable life and a new challenge, he thought how to minimize regrets. His standard of making a choice was which way would be less regrettable when he looked back on his past later. He was sure he would regret not having challenged himself rather than not having received a great deal of incentive at the age of 30, when he looks back on his past at the age of 80. So he immediately put into practice what he was convinced of.

A life where we can say we’ve lived our life without regret depends on the choice we make today.