July 31, 2019

Mother’s Love That Bears Everything

Judy Anne Gaquit from General Santos, Philippines


When I started attending school, I was excited that I would meet new friends whom I could play and learn with. However, my mother was not like me; from the beginning of the semester, my mom walked me to my school and then headed off to work every day. When my class ended, she brought me to her workplace. Then she bought an ice cream and put it on my hand so that I could behave while waiting for her to finish. Mom always woke up early to prepare meals for my sister and me, walked miles away every day to drop and fetch me to school, and could not sleep until late to wash our uniforms so we could wear it on the next day.

When I became a fourth grader, she went to Jordan to work. My father too was working miles away from our home at that time, so we seldom saw him. My sister and I stayed at our uncle’s. Until my father decided to take us near to his workplace, we couldn’t receive any proper care from our parents. No one woke us up early for us to go to school nor cooked delicious food. No one helped us prepare our school uniforms, nor helped us do our assignments. I was too young to recognize my mother’s sacrifice and efforts. After she left us, I was busy complaining that everything was too difficult. I couldn’t understand why she even had to go abroad to work at all.

Like that, we couldn’t see our mother for a long time. She wasn’t there when I graduated from elementary school or when my sister graduated from high school. She wasn’t there on our birthdays and other celebrations. In the beginning, I complained about the situation, but as time passed by and as I grew up, I gradually understood why she had to leave us to work. She wanted to send us to a good school and satisfy our wants and needs. She wanted my sister and me to have a better life.

I couldn’t imagine how hard it must’ve been for her to be separated from us, or how much she suffered from her work while enduring everything for her children’s better life, or how many teardrops fell from her eyes while missing us and through her, I came to realize that a mother’s love bears everything for her children. I came to think about Heavenly Mother, too. How much pain did She bear when Her children betrayed Her by committing grievous sins? It must’ve broken Her heart to see Her children enjoy worldly pleasures, forgetting Her. However, Mother came to the earth, putting on the flesh and bears all the pains, difficulties, and sufferings to lead us to a brighter future—the eternal kingdom of heaven. What is more heartbreaking is that still a lot of people don’t recognize Her and don’t fully understand Her great love and sacrifice. But Heavenly Mother never gives up. She doesn’t stop praying day and night for Her lost children to be found.

How can I repay Heavenly Mother for Her boundless love? As children try to be successful in life by doing their best because they want to repay their parents, I will diligently study the truth that Heavenly Father and Mother granted us and work hard to deliver the gospel. I will find our lost brothers and sisters to repay our Heavenly Parents for Their love and sacrifice.