My Son’s Talent Show

Eom Jin-suk from Seoul, South Korea


On the day when I moved to the new home, I quickly unpacked all the stuff and was preparing to attend the Third-day service. Then, my husband received a pleasant call from a member; he told us to come to Zion close to our new house because there would be a dedication service.

The person who cheered for joy the most was my fifth grader son in elementary school. As his wish was to meet Heavenly Mother even once, he jumped with joy at Mother’s coming to bless us.

My son’s love for Mother was so big that his eyes welled up with tears by just thinking of Mother. He helped us preach to our family or acquaintances by showing them the press reports or videos, and he alone took his grandfather to the “Our Mother” Writing & Photo Exhibition to deliver Mother’s love. It seemed that Mother granted his wish, knowing his earnest heart.

My son was deeply moved to see Mother and to hear the sermon titled, Mother, the Source of the Water of Life, at the dedication service. He said he wanted to let many people know about Mother who is the source of the water of life. He also wrote a thank-you letter to Mother for Her blessing.

One day when it was a little ahead of vacation, my son came home with a bright smile. He said his teacher told students to prepare a talent show and present it on the day of the vacation ceremony. He took it as a great chance to make known God the Mother; a talent show in his mind was a presentation on the truth about Heavenly Mother.

My son said giving a presentation wouldn’t exactly be talent but he really wanted to boast about Mother and carefully prepared it for about two weeks. The title of the presentation was God the Mother Whom All Creation Testifies About. He started his preparation with prayer to God for wisdom, and planned what to write and draw on the board, his posture, voice, and gestures for the presentation.

Finally, the day of the vacation ceremony came. He said he could feel many times that God was with him on that day. He was surprised when the teacher explained plural and singular forms in the grammar class. What was more surprising was that one student brought this quiz for his talent show: “Whom do Christians believe in?” And in choosing the order of the talent show, he constantly won the rock-paper-scissors and was chosen to be the last presenter like the main character in a play.

When it was his turn, he calmed down and started the presentation about the truth. His classmates paid attention to him and gave a good response throughout the presentation. The teacher poured out generous compliments when the presentation was over.

“You must’ve worked hard to prepare it. There was no student like you. It’s great for a transfer student. You really did an excellent job.”

His classmates also complimented him, saying that he did so well. Only one student who sat by him had a negative opinion, but the others stood by my son, saying, “It’s not good to speak ill of someone else’s religion,” and made him speechless.

Actually, my son had made a lot of efforts to put the Teachings of Mother into practice for a month before the vacation ceremony since he transferred to this school. As a result, the vice-principal called him and complimented him on his politeness. There was even a student who resolved not to play computer games and use bad words, being influenced by him.

My son is faithful to his school life, believing that it is a student’s duty to display the glory of God with good words and deeds at school. My son is convinced that if he only does according to the word of God, nothing will be impossible and everything will be fulfilled. I give thanks to God for giving the little one wisdom to know Him and letting me witness His power.

Job offered burnt offerings for his children as well as for himself in hope that his children would live a godly life; and Hannah gave God her precious son Samuel whom she received after making a vow to God. I also always think of the soul of my son because he too is a child of God. I pray that my son can constantly shine the glory of God and grow up as a good child of God.