July 19, 2021

How to Recognize the Mysterious World that Transcends Time and Space


Peter Drucker, who was a management consultant and educator, served as professor of philosophy, political science, and business administration, and he was also the founder of modern management. When he was little, his parents often held different types of meetings in their house, and invited public figures of various fields such as Schumpeter and Hayek, who were economists, Thomas Mann, who was a writer, Freud, who was a psychologist, etc. Peter’s meetings with them acted as the catalyst for him to expand his knowledge and his way of thinking.

Experience is important asset for one’s life. However, there is a way to learn from great teachers, transcending ages and national boundaries, and accumulate valuable experience without having to meet someone or travel far. It is reading. While reading books from different fields, we immerse ourselves in the author’s knowledge and experience, agree with the contents of the book, and expand our cognition of matters; this is called indirect experience.

Edison the inventor was a bookworm from his childhood. In his early 30s, he established a library in his lab, and he bought some 500 books of different types and periodical publications to display in the library. He even wanted to read all the books in every library that exists in America.

“When I want to discover something, I look for a book first and read it. I dig through what someone has already written. That’s why I have all these books here.”

The knowledge Edison found through the books guided him to become a great inventor.

The Bible has records about the mysterious world that transcends time and space. In that world where there is no pain, or sorrow, or death, eternal beings live in joy every day with eternal life. Although it is a world that we cannot see or even imagine, we can feel it indirectly through the Bible, which is the only book through which we can do that. The Bible is also the only guidebook that shows us how to go to that mysterious world. Let’s read the Bible until we find Heaven and feel the breath of God, who created the eternal world.