Between Patience and Excess


Good health is very important for a happy life. And exercise is essential for good health. However, too much exercise may hurt the body and the mind just like the case of athletes who were forced to retire in their peak because of injuries caused by overtraining.

It is important to steadily exercise with patience as if you are climbing a mountain step by step, or completing a marathon by keeping your pace. It is not advisable to put your competitive spirit ahead or to endure pain blindly by overestimating your ability.

In fact, there is a fine line between patience and excess. Still, there are some criteria that they can be distinguished. For example, if pain on joints and thigh muscles persists for 48 hours or longer, the amount of exercise should be reduced to 80%. The same is true if shortness of breath or stuffiness after exercise lasts for several days. Exercise is good enough when you moderately sweat without pain in your joints and enjoy it.

The same goes for not only exercising, but also doing something you like or learning something. The wisdom of moderation is required; have patience when you need to endure, but do not work too excessively to cause side effects.