The Result of a Positive Mind


A man who doesn’t have any talent on basketball throws a ball toward the hoop. He throws it ten times and fails all the ten times. However, when he tries again some time later, he makes the ball into the hoop four out of ten times. What made his goal success rate go up suddenly?

Actually, this was an experiment to find out the power of positive thinking. After the challenger’s first attempt, the host gathered some people, put a blindfold on the challenger’s eyes, telling him that he could do it if he had confidence, and then asked him to throw the ball. When the blindfolded challenger threw the ball, the people cheered for him enthusiastically as if he made the goal even though he didn’t. He kept failing to make the goal, but the watchers still gave him a round of applause and cheer. After that, the challenger made another attempt without the blindfold, and he made four goals.

What made the goal success rate go up to 40% from 0% was the faith and confidence that he could do it. If you have a goal, shoot the ball with a positive mind. You will enjoy making the goal.