September 9, 2019

Reason for Casting


A five-year-old daughter of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie made a surprise appearance in a movie, drawing people’s attention. She played a role well even in her young age, probably because talent runs in her family.

But the reason she was cast is interesting. It was not planned for her to play the role from the beginning. All the other child actresses, who had to play the role of a young princess who is not afraid of the witch, cried when they saw Jolie with the scary witch costume. The dark witch costume with long nails and scary horns on the head scared four- or five-year-old children. Because all child actresses ran away, the daughter who was not afraid of her mom with scary makeup came to play the role.

No matter how different her mom looks, the child can see her true self. The scent of a mother’s endless love can never be hidden in any ways.