May 18, 2020



Musical instruments that make beautiful sounds! Their material, shape, and way to be handled are different, but they all have something in common: Their inside is empty. The empty part is called a resonator which enables the instruments to produce a loud and clear sound. If the resonator is clogged up or filled with other substances, the instrument cannot make any sound, and it will be useless.

People too have a resonator. What do you think the human resonator that makes a beautiful sound is? It is the mind. You can never make a beautiful sound with a mind full of your stereotypes, thoughts, and stubbornness. When you empty your mind, you can make a profound resonance with the inner and outer sounds.

A tree that grew up against the fierce wind at the tree line become the material for the resonator of the best violin, and a paulownia tree struck by lightning becomes the resonator of the best gayageum (traditional Korean zither-like string instrument). There are times when you face trials, but if you use the trials as good material, the resonator of your mind will be made more valuable.