Say, “I’m Happy!”


Recently, have you ever said, “I’m happy”?

When you do something difficult or dissatisfying, you are likely to spit out complaints. But when you do something pleasant and satisfying, you are less likely to express how happy or satisfied you are. People say, “A bell is not a bell until somebody rings it. A song is not a song until someone sings it.” Doesn’t the same go for happiness?

When you are joyful and happy, do not just smile or feel it, but speak out your happiness with your mouth. Just as you would like to visit the place you’re invited to, if you keep expressing your happiness with words, happiness would like to visit you again and again.

When you feel happy, say, “I’m happy about . . .” or “I’m happy because . . .”
Tell your family, “You must be happy to . . .” or “How happy you are as you . . .!”
When you are dissatisfied with your family, do not get annoyed or upset, but say with a smile, “Won’t our family be happier when we do this?”
Count how many times a day you said you were happy, and increase the number of times day by day.
After carrying out the mission of the month, share your impression with your family.