October 16, 2020

Tell the Truth


Many distinguished hospitals in America have introduced “Tell the truth” program. “Tell the truth” program was devised for medical errors; when a medical error occurs, the medical team meets the patient’s family, promises them that they will be honest with the investigation, comforts the pain of the patient’s family, and show them empathy. If the medical team is found guilty through a clear investigation, the team gives a sincere apology and suggests an appropriate compensation. Simply put, it is to admit one’s mistake and apologize for it.

It is said that the patient’s family feels less painful even if the medical team is not found guilty, because of the efforts and consideration that the team shows them. The hospitals that have introduced this program report that the number of medical malpractice lawsuits has decreased by more than half.

Everybody makes a mistake. What is important is how to handle it. When one makes a mistake, if he doesn’t admit it but rather talks big or only tries to hide it or make an excuse without any proper apology, it brings disrepute. An apology is never for a loser. The one who loses the chance to apologize when an apology is definitely needed is a loser.