October 12, 2020

Temperature of Life, 36.5℃


Normal body temperature is 36.5℃ [97.7℉]. In this temperature, blood circulation and enzymes activities that are crucial for the support of life such as metabolism, immunity, digestion, and absorption which are the most active. If the temperature drops even by 1℃, the enzymes in the body become less active, which weakens immunity and metabolism and causes the body to be easily affected by diseases. When the temperature drops down to 34℃ [93.2℉], it brings about the heart’s slow beat, inarticulate speech, and an imbalance of the body. When it drops to 33℃ [91.4℉], the muscles harden and hallucination occurs. At 30℃ [86℉], a person becomes unconscious, and the body temperature of 28℃ [82.4°F] causes death.

In this way, the body temperature is deeply related with life. That’s why our body operates the system to keep the proper body temperature at all times. When the body temperature drops, it contracts the blood vessels to prevent the heat loss, and produces heat by shaking the body or making the upper teeth and bottom teeth collide with each other. When the body temperature goes up, the body emits sweat to cool it down.

We can stay healthy when we keep the body temperature at 36.5℃ [97.7℉] 365 days a year. Could this be a signal from our body to keep our mind temperature warm at all times just like the warm body temperature?