Thank God!


When it suddenly showers after you hang out the washing on the line, you may get irritated and think, ‘Ugh! All my hard work is gone!’ But you can find a positive point: ‘Thank God, I’ve handed umbrellas to my children before they left in the morning.’ If you have to do the laundry again anyways, which one would make you feel less difficult?

Even if you face a hard and irritable situation, you would be glad if you change your mind. In fact, we live in countless good fortunes. We can drink clean water, we can eat delicious food, we can laugh, we have a family to be together, we have a place to sleep, nothing bad happened to us . . . So look how happy we are! Thanksgiving comes out automatically when we find what is fortunate.

When you face a difficult situation, think, ‘Thank God, for . . .’
Talk with your family at dinner time about what you were happy with during the day.
Find three or more things you regarded as good fortune during the day before you go to bed.
Find fortunate things and write them in your notebook.
Find someone else’s good fortune and let him/her know.
(Be careful not to give the impression like it’s easy to say.)